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Our Story

The Good Crème was created to satisfy my love of ice cream after going vegan in late 2012. Nothing in the grocery store "screamed" cold, refreshing, tasty ice cream.


My mission was simple: create a vegan ice creme that tastes like traditional high end, premium dairy ice creams with the same mouthfeel and flavor pop while eliminating all dairy products.

After finding a product called MimicCream, a non-dairy cream substitute made from almonds and cashews, I started playing around with a small home ice cream maker and a few recipes I had. After introducing my products, the reactions from a room full of omnivores were priceless. "This is VEGAN?" and "It's so creamy and GOOD!" I knew I was onto something.

Sadly, or should I say to my benefit, MimicCream lost its manufacturing facility, closed its doors and I went back to the drawing board, er kitchen. I formulated my own creme bases still using cashews and almonds (also hazelnuts, walnuts or even peanuts for select flavors) and have created an even creamier product than I started with!

With over 20 flavors and more in development, you're sure to find a flavor to suit your every mood and perhaps discover a new favorite!

What makes an ice cream "premium"?

Roughly speaking, quality/premium ice creams tend to contain more fat and less infused air, making for a denser, richer ice cream. Non-premium industrial ice creams, on the contrary, tend to go for less fat, more stabilizers and sometimes up to 100% infused air (otherwise known as overrun), making for an airy end-product.

What's in a name?

Where did The Good Crème get its name? The Good Crème got its name as a play on words, Good is the last name of the Founder Kourtnie Good, but it goes beyond this simple answer. The Good Crème vegan ice cream is GOOD! Kourtnie doesn't put her name on anything that isn't!
As for using 'crème', Kourtnie's grandmother was French and it's an homage to her grandmother's birthplace and heritage. It's also a neat way to get around U.S. dairy name laws.

The Good Crème

It's Good for you,

it's Good for the animals,

it's Good for the planet!

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